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Hope Locker

Proximity London

WaterAid’s vision is a world where everyone everywhere has safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Proximity London needed an idea that dramatizes the problem, but still offers an immediate opportunity to help.

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  • Challenge

    Use the power of context and live data to turn the humble coin-operated changing-room locker into a compelling new media platform – and unlock a whole new donation stream for WaterAid.

  • Solution

    Hope Locker is an innovative, micro-donation platform that features an interactive display built into a coin-operated locker fitted in a swimming pool changing room. When the swimmer returns to their locker, they see a compelling, personalized message about how many children have died because of dirty water while they’ve been swimming. Using the power of context and empathy, donating becomes a natural choice. The money sitting in the locker right now could help a child in need, and the person has to decide whether they really want it back.

    If they decide to donate, the display is digitally flushed with clean water, thanking them for their donation and allowing them to input their information. If they choose not to donate, the display continued to show the dirty water animation.

  • Results

    The trial proved that Hope Locker has the potential to generate extra income and raise awareness and engagement for charities like WaterAid. Based on 120 units per site the projected income over 12 months would be £110,800 per year.