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Eyes Don´t Lie

Proximity Spain

Midas and Proximity Spain worked to build trust in the auto repair industry – one typically seen as untrustworthy.

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  • Challenge

    According to a survey by a Spanish consumer organization group, 6 out of 10 people think that mechanics tell lies – a belief that was worsened by the recession. Midas, an independent chain specializing in vehicle repair, needed to show their reliability – especially when compared to official dealerships.

  • Solution

    “Look me in the eye” is a universal invitation to gauge whether someone is lying, so Proximity Spain created (the eyes don´t lie). The site showed 20 Midas mechanics who volunteered to face the best lie detector in the world: EyeDetect. Focusing on the credibility of the brand and of professional mechanics, the aim was to scientifically prove the truths that have made up the brand’s core from its very outset: innovation, quality and trust. The mechanics and the Midas brand were shown as an unbiased and reliable standard for all Midas garages.

  • Results

    Customer confidence in Midas grew by 28.6%, 34 points ahead of competitors. One month later, Midas went from 4th to 1st position as the favorite car repair service, overtaking official dealerships. There was also social engagement, with a huge number of tweets suggesting a similar test be done with politicians, athletes and other influencers. “Spanish politicians” was the top subject of choice. They were invited to take part. None responded.